Shin Kong Life Insurance A12 Building


Shin Kong Life Insurance A12 Building basic Information

  • LOCATION|Taipei
  • OWNER|Shin Kong Life Insurance Co., Ltd.
  • ARCHITECT|Artech Inc
  • FLOOR COUNT|Office 21 stories、Hotel 12 stories
  • FACADE CONTRACTOR|Shiny Stone Curtainwall
  • ROLE INVOLVED|Contractor Consultant

We have provided Shiny Stone Curtainwall the following services:

  • A. Curtainwall system design main coordinator.
  • B. Periodically site visits to assist design issues.
  • C. Assist in shop drawing review meetings and drawing revisions.
  • D. Assist and attend mockup test assembly and testing.
  • E. Assist coordination and attend acoustic laboratory assembly and testing in US.
  • F. Double check the shop drawing and fabrication drawings.
  • G. Entire project curtainwall structural calculation.