Contractor Consultant

Based on the tender drawing curtain wall appearance and specification requirements, develop the curtain wall system and shop drawings with the most economical and simple construction design.  The design is verified in-house for structural safety and to avoid rework, and deliver the work within the schedule agreed by both parties.  The construction documents provided shall be of reasonably complete and of high quality so they can quickly pass through the review process and begin actual construction.

The curtain wall contractor’s consultant shall provide following services:

  • Provide preliminary system design and structural analysis for cost estimation and technical presentation during tender stage.
  • Provide visual mockup shop drawing and supporting structure calculation.
  • Provide performance mockup shop drawing, fabrication drawing, structural calculation and certification. Attend mockup installation and testing, and modified the design for the defects and inconvenience found.
  • Provide curtain wall division drawing and embed drawings and corresponding structural calculation.
  • Provide the typical and no-typical area shop drawing, corresponding structural calculation and certification for the entire project.
  • Attend the design review meeting and site inspection.

Transom and Mullion Connection