Architect's Consultant

Provide the minimal dimension of the curtain wall frame and detail connections after evaluating its structural requirements and constructability to suit the architect’s design intent. Provide different price ranges of system options for architect’s evaluation and customization. Consider the building’s envelope load (ENVLOAD) requirements and adjust the system to decrease its energy loss, but also doesn’t obstruct view. The aim is to help the architect to create a more ideal building with assistance of a professional engineer.

The curtain wall architect’s consultant shall provide the following services:

  • Based on the architect’s proposal, develop a curtain wall preliminary system and estimate the initial unit cost. Evaluate the structural adequacy of the design and ease of installation.
  • Conduct curtain wall detail design after the system confirmation. Check for interface conflict and coordinate with the main structure engineer to meet curtain wall requirements. Provide a detailed curtain wall budget and do value engineering to save cost.
  • Provide the project’s curtain wall specification, and state clearly the scope, work items, responsibility, material specification, test methods and warranty. The bidder can base on it to estimate cost and reduce future work quality disputes. Establish a proper grade of performance required for the work.
  • Provide detail and adequate curtain wall tender drawings to show the interface with all systems and the main material used. This will help reduce future disputes regarding the scope and material used.
  • Involve with curtain wall tendering process and respond to bidder’s clarification (RFI) regarding tender drawings and specification. Attend the bidder’s technical presentation and give technical ranking based on the bidder’s proposal, presentation and reputation.
  • Review the submission of façade panel division, embed, visual mockup, performance mockup and full shop drawing, technical information and structural calculation by the curtain wall contractor. Determine if the content of submission meets the specification and design requirements. Remind contractors of potential issues and consider the durability and water tightness of the design.
  • Supervise the mockup specimen during its fabrication, installation and testing, and help the contractor to fix the defects found.
  • Periodically inspect the curtain wall fabrication and assembly factories and site and issue the inspection reports. Select a random sample of material according to schedule for third party testing. Investigate the special irregularity found on the site.
  • Monitor the water gutter test for the unitized curtain wall, embed loading test, sealant adhesion test, weld test, and site spray test according to AAMA 501.2.
  • Assist in the final acceptance inspection and check if the past issues found in the report have been remedied.

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