General Contractor’s Consultant

Assist general contractor to monitor the quality of curtain wall contractor"s shop drawings and structural calculations. Ensure the submission meets the contract terms, tender drawings and curtain wall specification requirements. The work at the factory and site shall follow closely with the approved shop drawings and any modification shall be updated in the drawings and calculation in order to finish the project within time, quality and budget.

The curtain wall general contractor’s consultant shall provide the following services:

  • Review the submission of façade panel division, embed, visual mockup, performance mockup and full shop drawing, technical information and structural calculation by the curtain wall contractor. Determine if the content of submission meets the specification and design requirements. Remind contractors of potential issues and consider the durability and water tightness of the design.
  • Supervise the mockup specimen during its fabrication, installation and testing, and help the contractor to fix the defects found.
  • Periodically inspect the curtain wall fabrication and assembly factories and site and issue the inspection reports. Select a random sample of material according to schedule for third party testing. Investigate the special irregularity found on the site.
  • Monitor the water gutter test for the unitized curtain wall, embed loading test, sealant adhesion test, weld test, and site spray test according to AAMA 501.2.
  • Assist in the final acceptance inspection and check if the past issues found in the report have been remedied.

Height of Unit Expansion Joint Study

  • According to current design the expansion joint is at the floor level.
  • This will force the anchor to be fix at the edge of floor and more difficulty at installation.
  • The mullion joint coincude with anchor, this will resulted in inefficient simple beam structure.
  • If the expansion joint can be raised to 0.9m above floor, this will lower inertia required from 12000 to 4500.